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United States

Welcome to Chatwin Books. We are a new publisher of print and digital books in a wide range of topics, run by a team with many decades of experience in all aspects of the book business.

At the heart of who we are, and what we do, is working with authors to support their craft, and their entire body of work, throughout the publication process. Using our experience and drive to help our authors create great books is the surest way our team can ensure a great experience for our readers.

In addition to the work we do for our own books, we do editorial, design, author branding, marketing, and other work on a contract basis for other publishers and authors. We also distribute books from other publishers, both print and digital.



Welcome to Chatwin Books, publishers of fine books in both print and digital editions. We are a nimble team based in Seattle, with decades of experience in the book business. We specialize in literary fiction, poetry, fine art and photography books, and ecology-related titles. 

For Authors: At the heart of what we do, is close work with you the author to support your craft, and your entire body of work, throughout the publication process. We look beyond the title at hand to create a holistic publishing approach that serves the author, taking into account your goals, readership, and style of communication to bring you to the next level in your career. Our location within a multi-media literary and arts space (The Book Arts Space at Arundel Books) furthers our ability to support projects with a visual component, and to work with both authors and artists to create books of exceptional quality and appeal.

For Booksellers: Chatwin was co-founded by the owner of an ABA-member Indie bookstore, Phil Bevis of Arundel Books in Seattle. Our discounts and policies on direct orders are intended to motivate and support independent bookstores to carry our books, with an economically sustainable model. Please see our "Libraries & Booksellers" page for tailored ordering information.

Chatwin Books is committed to environmental and social justice in our manufacturing and sourcing: We print exclusively in North America, and strongly prefer employee-owned coops when choosing print vendors. We choose recycled content whenever possible, and strive to source production close to our PNW office, to minimize emissions in transport. 


Forthcoming for Fall: We're in the midst of setting our release and announcement schedule for Fall, so this list will be updated.

September: Poetry releases will include Rex Wilder's Collected Poems "Open Late," and Jessica Hornik's debut collection "A Door On the River." Other September releases include the much-anticipated "Book Collecting Now" (Matthew Budman), and last but not least, Brian Dempsey's beautiful and enchanting children's book "The Man With Bees in His Beard."

October: Jack Grapes' Collected Poems "Last of the Outsiders", and Layne Maheu's brilliant novel"Man of the World".


Spring 2018 releases: Recent releases include a new edition of the classic"Printing Digital Type on the Hand-operated Flatbed Cylinder Press" (Gerald Lange, 5th edition), Cal Kinnear's "The Poem is a Nomad," and the illustrated collection by refugee and immigrant poets: "Holding the Earth Together: Youth Voices Speak For Our World," edited by Merna Hecht.


Summer 2017 update: We kicked off 2017 with the launch of the Chatwin Collected Poets series: collected works from some of the premier mature poets in America today. Maged Zaher's much-anticipated collection "Opting Out" led the series on April 7. New novels by Nicole Sarrocco and Greg Perkins lead our fiction line, and Carl Montford's beloved wood engravings are collected in a retrospective catalog now available. —Annie Brulé

Anthology designed by Chatwin co-founders Annie Brulé and Phil Bevis—we bring world-class design and typography to every Chatwin publication. 

Anthology designed by Chatwin co-founders Annie Brulé and Phil Bevis—we bring world-class design and typography to every Chatwin publication.