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Welcome to Chatwin Books. We are a new publisher of print and digital books in a wide range of topics, run by a team with many decades of experience in all aspects of the book business.

At the heart of who we are, and what we do, is working with authors to support their craft, and their entire body of work, throughout the publication process. Using our experience and drive to help our authors create great books is the surest way our team can ensure a great experience for our readers.

In addition to the work we do for our own books, we do editorial, design, author branding, marketing, and other work on a contract basis for other publishers and authors. We also distribute books from other publishers, both print and digital.

The Poem is a Nomad

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Chatwin Books publishes literary fiction, contemporary and collected poetry, and fine art and photography books, with a smattering of eclectic titles we believe in. Our list is growing all the time. We ship from our location in downtown Seattle. 

The Poem is a Nomad


The Poem is a Nomad


Cal Kinnear's newest book of poetry is the distillation of his lifelong linguistic inquiries and excavations: a slim, powerful collection that pulses with interior life. Kinnear's is a peopled and animated world, where language itself takes center stage as a character with flaws, preferences, and volition of its own, while breath and the humming of bees hover always nearby, just out of sight.

79 pages, softcover.

Publication date: Thursday April 19, 2018

For readers in the Seattle area: Cal Kinnear will read from The Poem is a Nomad at the Vashon Bookshop on Vashon Island, Thursday April 19 at 6:00pm. Vashon Island is a 15 minute ferry ride from West Seattle. 

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